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HI Spy: Share your tips for saving money with horses

How do you afford your equestrian lifestyle?


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Horses are expensive. With hay and grain, housing, vet and farrier costs, a horse owner's wallet is forever feeling the squeeze. Add to that the costs of tack, training, lessons and shows and it's clear that riders have picked one of the most expensive sports around.

There's a pervasive image of equestrians as elitists and riding as a sport only available to rich country club members. However, a recent survey shows that most horse owners are middle class and are finding ways to afford their horses without the benefit of a bottomless bank account.

You probably make a lot of sacrifices to keep up your equestrian lifestyle. Maybe you can't afford the latest fashions, annual vacation or daily morning latte that your non-horsey friends enjoy. Beyond that, how do you afford to ride and own horses? Have you found a great way to increase efficiency at the barn? Have you found useful but inexpensive alternatives to use in place of pricey tack or stable goods? 

Share your money-saving tips with fellow horse lovers by clicking "Submit a Comment" below. Some of the responses may appear in a future issue of Horse Illustrated

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HI Spy: Share your tips for saving money with horses

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Anonyms    Not saying and a random state, ID

6/21/2012 1:42:53 PM

Do NOT give your horse mowed grass! It can give them COLIC!

ashley    aromas, CA

11/8/2011 9:59:11 PM

What is a great way to save money and still get awesome stuff for your horse is buy used items. Local tack shops often have items on consignment for sale. Another great place to look is cregslist and other web sites. There is amazing things out there! "Other peoples junk is your treasure".Or so the saying goes. You don't have to spend hundreds to get the look you want for your horse. Also get items you can use on multiple horses. If possible. Good luck and have fun! There is a lot of amazing things out there that is some time new and gently used that you can get at very low prices and still be stylish at a show or at home ! :)

Reece    Kirkland, WA

5/15/2011 7:11:55 PM

I mostly look for contests or coupons in Horse magazines like horse illistrated or young rider, they help alot!

Samantha    Rochester, IN

2/24/2011 6:35:51 PM

My father and I feed our horses hay and grain. However this is right, it addeds up.
When my dad cuts the grass around the house, we give our horses the grass clippings. However remember, to be careful with that. Your horses might get sick. Also, before the sun goes down my father and i take two horses at a time,and take them out and let them eat the long good grass out of thier paster.

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