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HI Spy: What are Your Riding Goals?

What's the one thing you dream of achieving as a rider?

By Cindy Hale | 24-Sep-09

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What are your riding goals?Riding instructors are often greeted by new students who proclaim at their first lesson that they dream of riding in the Olympics. Of course, a more realistic goal would be to try and win a local, regional or national medal. But there’s nothing wrong with lofty aspirations, right? Dreams are what compel us to climb back in the saddle even after a fall or a rough day. Only through determination and desire will we eventually jump that oxer, perfect the canter or remain calm when our horse spooks at the neighbor’s barking dog for the hundredth time.

As riders, we all aspire to reach some level of achievement. Often it’s a measurement of personal success, such as conquering the fear that comes after a riding accident or learning to be more pro-active in dealing with a horse’s aggressive behavior. Other riders seek more tangible rewards. They set their sights on winning a blue ribbon in an equitation class or qualifying for the finals at a year-end show. Finally there are the very practical goals that just need a little bit of fine-tuning to make them a reality. For example, an avid trail rider may be determined to get her hydrophobic horse accustomed to crossing water. A good dose of patience coupled with some wisdom from a veteran trail rider or a knowledgeable clinician will help her achieve that.

So what is your goal? What’s the one thing that you dream of achieving as a rider? We’d like to know, whether it’s something connected to a particular horse or an aspiration you have as an individual. Share your riding goal with your fellow readers here at Horse Channel. Just click on Submit a Comment below. Some of the responses may appear in Horse Illustrated.

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HI Spy: What are Your Riding Goals?

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Reader Comments

Philomena    Dickinson, ND

6/10/2012 10:20:46 AM

Although I don't participate in any equine classes, one of my top riding goals would be to become an experienced barrel racer. I would also like to train horses and understand them too.

Ally    Jacksonville, FL

7/9/2011 7:20:50 AM

My riding goals are to be able to own my own horse and to jump like my trainer. Her and her Grand Prix horse are amazing jumping about 4,6 at the least. I admire her so much.

Beth    Dundee, OH

6/5/2011 11:30:08 AM

The one thing I dream of achieving is being 100% connected with my horse. We are mostly now, but we are still working out the kinks. Even if this never happens it will not affect the 100% love between me and my horse Little Bit!

Gabby    Araphoe, NE

12/28/2010 10:02:54 AM

My horse goal would be to go on rides all the time without having any problems with my horse,Patty.Once that happens I'll start to look at barrels and maybe Rodeo Queen!

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