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HI Spy: Did Your Dad Support Your Horse Habit?

How was your dad involved in your horse life growing up?

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How did your dad support you as a rider?

If you’re like most horse lovers, your dad didn’t always understand your obsession with horses, but he faithfully supported it in some fashion. With Father’s Day in mind, we’d like to know about your Horse Dad. Did he match any of these profiles?

Hands-on Dad: In addition to the mechanical skills many males seem to be born with, this type of Dad also had an unwavering desire to participate in his child’s passion.  Thus, he served honorably as horse hauler, jump builder, tractor driver and Mr. Fix-it around the barn. Need an automatic waterer installed? Ask this Dad.

Voice of Reason Dad: Whether you sought it or not, this kind of Dad dispensed fatherly advice. The speech usually began with, “You know, Honey, if you sold your horse you could afford a car that was a little more dependable.” Of course, you turned a deaf ear. But he meant well.

Born-in-the-Saddle Dad: This rare breed of Dad didn’t just dream of being a cowboy as a kid, he actually became one! He taught you how to saddle your first pony and how to get a halter on a reluctant horse. Even today, you trust his horse sense.

Check-Signing Dad: Although he might not know the difference between a Pelham and a kimberwicke, this sort of Dad was always ready with pen in hand to write yet another check for your horse hobby. He went without his new set of golf clubs or scaled back vacation plans so you could buy a new pair of boots. While you may have worked for such indulgences—good grades and household chores—you’re well aware that it will never be enough to truly repay him.

Do any of these sound like your dad? Or was yours a one-of-a-kind Horse Dad? Let us know by clicking on “Submit a Comment” below. Some of your answers may be chosen to be featured in an upcoming issue of Horse Illustrated magazine.

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HI Spy: Did Your Dad Support Your Horse Habit?

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Reader Comments

Steve    Norman, OK

6/6/2012 9:50:02 AM

My Dad is the Born-in-the-Saddle kind of father. He is the reason I love horses. My dad and I are always watching horse races, looking at pedigrees, and hauling the trailer up to sales. If not for him, I would never have the love for horses that I do. I know that I am such a lucky person to have a father that practically raised me in a stable and taught me to ride. He was also the one to pick me up after a hard fall and put me back in the saddle. I'm almost ashamed to say his horse obsession is greater than mine! Thanks for all the great times, Dad!

Mattie    Tolar, TX

4/5/2012 7:13:07 AM

My dad is definitely a hands on dad. He taught me a lot of what I know about horses. He hauls, puts out hay, yells commands, and most of all, encourages. I couldn't ask for a better horse-dad.

Sarah    Chappaqua, NY

2/10/2012 4:34:55 PM

My dad doesn't know anything about horses or riding. But as a fellow athlete he gives me advice. And it's fun teaching him about horses and taking him to pet the horses. And whenever there is a real estate magazine we look through it looking at the houses with barns in the back and talking about all the horses we would be able to keep there.

Mary    Raleigh, NC

7/5/2011 2:11:04 PM

I couldn't be more grateful to my dad and his involvment in my riding.
As he used to ride before having a disabling accident, he comes out to the stables everytime I go
(at least 3 times a week), and he is always happy to give me advice about my training. Thanks dad!

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