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HI Spy: Did Your Mom Support Your Horse Habit?

How much was your mom involved in your horse life growing up?

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How did your mom support you as a rider?

A variety of Mother’s Day cards fill the market shelves, but there aren’t any that thank Mom for aiding and abetting her child’s love affair with horses. There should be. After all, where would most of us be if it weren’t for our mothers indulging us in our horsey habits? If you competed, no doubt you had a Horse Show Mom. Her involvement in your pursuit of blue ribbons probably ranged from idly cheering you on from the bleachers to rabidly confronting the judge if his score card didn’t agree with hers. Or you might have been blessed with a mother who also rode. Such a horsey mom dispensed maternal wisdom on how to groom a horse, feed a horse and climb back up on a horse once you’d been tossed off. Linda Hanson, whose pre-teen daughter Kristin is fully involved in riding and showing, fits somewhere in between.
“Kristin wasn’t really horse crazy to begin with,” Linda recalls. “But when she was 5 or 6 she attended a summer camp in our community and it included riding lessons at the equestrian center. After just four days, the parents were invited to watch the kids participate in a little horse show and there she was, this itty bitty tiny thing up there so proud, on the back of horse. And I thought, ‘Wow, this is really great!’ And that,” Linda says, with a hint of a sigh, “is how it all started.”
Suddenly thrust into the role of a Horse-Crazed Kid’s Mother, Linda had to quickly acquire skills she’d never embraced before. “I had very limited exposure to horses,” she admits, “but I’ve learned that being involved with horses is an all-or-nothing sort of thing in order for your child to be safe and successful.”
The Southern California mom can now hitch up and haul a trailer, strap splint boots on a jumper, groom and tack up a pony and decipher a horse show premium. Sometimes she’s exhausted, but she figures it’s all for a good cause.
“Riding keeps Kristin busy. It keeps her out of trouble,” she says. “And it’s something she loves and really seems to be good at, so…”
So Linda Hanson, like many other moms, will probably be spending Mother’s Day somewhere near a horse.
What about your mom? Was she supportive of your horse habit? Do you have a Horse Show Mom worthy of her own trophy? Does your mom ride with you, or with her own group of horsey moms? We’d like to know! Share your stories by clicking on “Submit a Comment” below. Some of the responses will be featured in an upcoming issue of Horse Illustrated magazine.

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HI Spy: Did Your Mom Support Your Horse Habit?

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Reader Comments

Sarah    Chappaqua, NY

2/10/2012 4:25:44 PM

My mom is definatly supportive. She still brings me to lessons even though she has watched me fall off and get stepped on too many times to count. At the moment I don't show but in a short time I will. And she will be the one I can count on to always be there supporting me...and of course driving me to shows since I can't drive yet!

Keisha    Greencastle, PA

8/2/2011 12:34:10 PM

My mom puts up with the shirts, jeans, and sweatshirts in the laundry that are covered in manure and horse hair. The muddy boots sitting in the laundry room. The tack that gets cleaned in the dining room and the saddle and horse blankets that get snuck into the washer and dryer.

lori    kissimmee, FL

8/2/2011 10:54:06 AM

My mother did NOT support my horse was very sad; I struggled with school, a job, and riding my bicycle to the barn...I was 10 yrs old but my struggle proved my determination to make it today. At 55 yrs of age, I have made horses my priority all my life and it was SOOO worth it!

Chelsea Rea    Salem, CT

6/5/2011 7:00:59 PM

My mom is a very suportive horse show mom. She goes to all my shows and has helped me become successful with my riding. She always makes sure I have what I need to care for my horses and for horse shows. She even bought a house and barn to keep my retired horse at! She's been there cheering me on and at the sidelines showing concern. No matter how my ride has gone she's always there to make me feel good and to help me fix my mistakes.

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