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Memorialize Beloved Horse

Pet Steps offers a unique way to remember an Equine that has passed.


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Pet Steps to Heaven help memorialize your horseWhether working on the farm, racing on the track or just as companions, horses have an immeasurable impact on their owners. When they pass, the pain can seem infinite, especially when there is typically no burial, no ceremony and no way to grieve the passing of these majestic creatures. Many owners are left with a box of ashes, a reminder of their horse's death, not the fond memories of the animal's life. That's where Pet Steps to Heaven comes in. Originally intended for house pets, the word is quickly spreading to horse owners who want a similar type of memorial. So, John and Patty Laub, creators of Pet Steps to Heaven, have come up with a one-of-a-kind design. Instead of a cement garden stone–the memorial for domesticated animals–the Laub's created an equine memorial bench.
"We incorporate the horse’s ashes into the concrete mixture used to pour the bench," John explains. "Then, we add personal touches like the animal's horseshoes, bridle, stained-glass image or even a unique poem to pay tribute."

Bits, halter nameplates, bridle tags and equestrian medals can also easily be included in the mosaic-style top. Entire bridles and even photographs can be preserved inside a heavy-duty glass case embedded in the cement. And if you don’t have access to a crematorium, don’t worry. The bench can still be lovingly created, minus your horse’s ashes. The finalized bench takes about six to eight weeks to complete, and it can be shipped anywhere in the country. It can then be placed at a home, stable or even out in a field where the horse may have grazed.


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Memorialize Beloved Horse

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