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Educational Opportunities for Equestrians at the US Pony Club Festival
You don’t have to be a current USPC member to join the activities taking place this July.


Free Rein, a New Equine-Themed TV Series, Comes to Netflix
The family-friendly show will premiere on the streaming network on June 23.


Riders Advocate for Organ Donation through Trails4Transplants
The riders will celebrate the completion of the most recent leg of their journey this Saturday.


Horse Stolen from Texas Equine Rescue
Habitat for Horses is seeking information on the disappearance of a pony named Reynolds.


Featured Video: Audi Ad Showcases Secretariat’s Horsepower
The automaker likens its product to the legendary Thoroughbred race horse in a new commercial.


New Campaign Will Improve the Lives of Working Donkeys
Brooke USA is seeking donations for its "Free the Donkeys” campaign, which will provide essential care to working donkeys in Ethiopia.


NYC Carriage Horse Gets Loose; Runs through Manhattan
Goldy is said to be unscathed after her high-speed journey through the city.


Rolex Sponsorship of Kentucky Three-Day Event Has Ended
The annual 4* event unveiled a new logo and website to go with the name change.


New Study Examines Aloe Vera for Treating Ulcers in Horses
Ulcers are a common problem in performance horses, and new research sheds some light on treatment options.


Sale to Slaughter Could be on the Table for Wild Horses
The Trump administration budget proposal would eliminate restrictions that prevent Mustangs from being euthanized or sold to slaughter.


Updates to the Historic Devon Horse Show
Improvements and additions to the iconic Pennsylvania horse show make it a destination event for equestrians.


Why Do I Feel Terrible, Equestrian Edition
Because why should we take the time to cross-train, sleep, or prepare nutritious food when there are horses to ride?


Safe Pasture Grazing for Insulin Resistant Horses
Weather, sunlight, and time of day have an impact on how safe grass is for horses diagnosed with insulin resistance.


Woman Faces Charges After Spooking Carriage Horses with a Dinosaur Costume
The horses were pulling a carriage full of tourists through downtown Charleston, South Carolina, when they encountered the T-Rex.


A Tropical Vacation Just for Horse Lovers
The Horse Radio Network has announced a winter cruise vacation for for equestrians.


Ask the Vet: The Risk of Moon Blindness
What do Appaloosa owners need to know about moon blindness in horses?


Rare Twin Foals Born in Texas
Twin births are rare and often risky in horses, but one mare and her two new foals are beating the odds.


Featured Video: Two Wheels Good; Four Legs Better
A horse escapes his field to join a bike ride in progress.


Featured Video: Horse Fetches Wine
This video will convince you to start trick training your horse.


Oliver the Therapy Donkey is Here to Help You De-stress
Oliver was one of several animals who visited students at Montana State University during finals week.


Horses Step in to Do the Job Motorized Vehicles Can’t Handle
Draft horses have proven invaluable in recent upgrades to cell towers in Wisconsin.


If the Boot Fits...
How to get a perfect fit with your next pair of English or western riding boots.


Featured Video: Horse Show Moms
Where would we be without the hardest working member of the equestrian support team?


Horses Help Senior Citizens at Arizona Retirement Community
The physical and mental health benefits of horses are a perfect match for assisted living communities.


Zenyatta Welcomes a New Filly
The bay filly, by Medaglia d’Oro, was born on Tuesday evening at Lane’s End Farm.


Vote for Your Favorite Equine Therapy Program to Win a Gypsy Horse
Gypsy Gift is an annual contest that brings Gypsy Horses to accredited therapeutic riding programs.


Abandoned Ex-Racehorse Wins Hearts in Maryland
Lucky Bid raced at tracks across the country, but now he just needs a place to relax and retire.


Ask the Vet: Anhidrosis
What can be done for a horse that doesn't sweat?


Managing Buttercups in Horse Pastures
The ubiquitous yellow flowers are toxic to horses and can overrun pastures. Here’s what to do about them.


Featured Video: Highlights from the 2017 Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event
Relive moments from this year's Rolex and get pumped up for next year's event.


Featured Video: Kangaroo in a Horse Race
Meanwhile in Australia, a kangaroo found its way into the middle of a pack of racing Thoroughbreds.


Michael Jung and fischerRocana FST Win Their Third Consecutive Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event
American Phillip Dutton wins the U.S. 4* U.S. National Championship and marks his 40th Rolex completion.


New Vocations Racehorse Adoption Program Celebrates 25th Anniversary
Open house welcomes guests from across the U.S. and Canada to visit horses and expanding facility.


Michael Jung and fischerRocana FST in the Lead after Cross-Country at the Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event
The unstoppable horse-and-rider pair from Germany could win in Kentucky for the third year running.


Dressage Wraps Up at the 2017 Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event
Last year’s winner Michael Jung (GER) can’t quite get the edge over Clark Montgomery (USA).


Gallery: Dressage Day One at the 2017 Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event
Canada’s Jessica Phoenix leads the standings after the first day of competition.


An Aging Mare, an Orphaned Calf, and Their Unlikely Bond
Families come in all types, as this Australian horse and her foster calf prove.


Photos: First Horse Inspection at the 2017 Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event
59 horses have been cleared to compete after the initial jog before the start of the country’s most prestigious three-day event.


A Clydesdale and His Rider Thank the Firefighters Who Rescued Them
The horse and rider are both doing well months after a scary accident on the trail thanks to first responders.


Ask the Vet: Farrier Assessment
How do I know if my farrier is doing a good job?


Featured Video: Rolex 2017 with Lauren Kieffer
Land Rover presents a look behind the scenes with a veteran three-day event rider.


Help a Horse Day Kicks off on April 21
Equine organizations around the United States will be holding special events to help horses.


Around in Circles vs. Over Fences
There’s an equestrian sport for everyone, and each one has its pros and cons.


Featured Video: A Halter is No Match for Houdini Horse
It only takes a few seconds for this clever pony to find his freedom.


Surprise Foal Born Six Months After a Tragic Trailer Crash
The new colt’s mom was rescued after a fatal highway accident last fall.


Ask the Vet: Clipping a Horse's Whiskers
Is it true that clipping whiskers is harmful to horses?


New Series Inspired by Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron Comes to Netflix
Spirit Riding Free is the story of an adventurous young girl and the wild horse she befriends.


Featured Video: This Horse Has No Use for Fake Friends
A mare named Gypsy isn’t afraid to let an impostor horse know what she thinks of him.


Go Horseback Riding at a National Park
It’s National Park Week, and from Acadia to Yosemite, there’s a park for you and your horse to explore.


Featured Video: Florida Cracker Horse vs. Alligator
Both animals are said to be uninjured after a brief but scary altercation.

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