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English Horse Training - Showing A-Circuit Hunters
Four tips to get you on your way to the blue ribbon.

English Horse Training - Jumping Cross-Country Obstacles
These three cross-country obstacles aren't so scary with advice from an Advanced-level eventer.

English Horse Training - Don't Cut Corners
Learning to ride corners correctly may not be at the top of every rider's to-do list, but using them properly can pay off in and out of the show ring.

English Horse Training - Fixing Falling In
Are you holding your horse up to keep him from falling in? Here's how to re-establish a balanced ride.

English Horse Training - What a Half Halt Is (and Isn't)
This essential riding aid can be elusive to learn. Understand first what a half-halt is not in order to master it.

English Horse Training - Gallop and Hand Gallop
Ride the hand gallop and gallop in good form.

English Horse Training - Perfecting the Posting Trot
Fine-tune your position at the rising trot, and fix six major flaws for both hunt seat and dressage riders.

Positioned for Success
Trainer and judge Julie Winkel offers solutions for three common hunter and jumper position problems.

Have a Seat
Learn the four seats of effective hunter/jumper riders.

English Horse Training - 9 Tips for Better Jumping with Your Horse
Common rules the beginning jumper should know.

English Horse Training - Reduced Speed Ahead
A respected dressage judge who has trained many riders through Grand Prix gives tips on slowing down a horse that rushes.

Score More in the Dressage Arena
A judge gives tips for maximizing points on your lower-level dressage tests.

Horse Buying Tips - Hot or Cold: Which Temperament is Best for You?
Select the horse whose thermostat" is set in your comfort zone.

Equestrian Life - Equestrian Related Liabilities
It's a question of liability and what you are willing to risk.

Equestrian Life - Get the Most From Your Riding Lessons
Three ways to get the most from your riding lessons.

Equestrian Life - Evaluating Your Instructor
If your goals as a rider are different than your instructor's, it may be time to reevaluate the partnership.

Horse Rescue - PMU Horse Profile
PMU horses range from sporthorse to ranch and draft types.

Equestrian Life - Getting a Rescued Horse to Trust You
Gaining the Trust of a Rescued Horse

Horse Rescue - Last Chance at Retraining
Bruce Lachiusa believes that most problem horses are created by riders who don't know how to ride.

Getting Started with Horses: Lesson Programs
A good riding instructor will give you a great introduction to the horse world.

Horse Illustrated/CONAIR Show Prep Tips Contest
Here are the best horse show prep tips selected from Horse Illustrated reader submissions.

2010 Equestrian Fashions
See what's new this season for schooling and showing.

Just Breathe
Learn how to nix tension and improve your riding.

Competition Countdown Guide
Prepare for success with this countdown guide to show season.

Horse Show Makeover
Get your horse show-ring ready in 10 steps.

Horse Costume Class Tips
On Halloween or at the horse show, here's how to be creative and safe

English Advice - Dressage Judges' Pet Peeves
Avoid sabotaging your dressage performance by gaining insight into the judges' box.

HorseChannel's Guide to Equestrian Fitness
Articles, videos and workout plans to help get you in optimal shape for effective riding

How to correctly fit an equestrian helmet
Follow these steps to find a safe, comfortable riding helmet.

How to Braid a Horse's Mane for Hunter Competition
Beautify your hunter with this step-by-step mane braiding guide.

Basic Horse Stretches
Learn basic stretching exercises you can do with your horse at home.

Perfect Your Showmanship Patterns
Seven tips to bring home a blue ribbon in showmanship class.

Showmanship: Perfect Your Presentation
A showmanship judge gives pointers on horse and exhibitor turnout.

Horse Show Skills and Solutions:
How to Dress Up the Horse in the Plain Brown Wrapper

How to Handle Rider Emergencies at the Barn
Know what to do--and what not to do--when a rider is injured.

Show Nerves: Fixing the Fear Factor
Follow this expert advice to help you relax in the show-ring.

Horse Show Solutions: Affordable Ways to Look Like a Winner
Judges Reveal What Really Counts?O And What Not to Wear

Show Solutions: Dealing with Disaster
What should you do when things go wrong at a show?

Horse Show Skills:
The softer side of a horse show judge

Show Solutions: How to Show Your Baby Hunter
Hunter Breeding Classes Give Your Youngster Show Experience, Plus They???re a Lot of Fun

Horse Show Solutions: Improve your Hunt Seat Equitation
A top judge shares what she looks for in the show arena

Hunter/Jumper Judges' Pet Peeves
6 mistakes you can avoid to stay on the judge's good side at your next horse show.

Horse Show Solutions: Suitability Counts
A horse's suitability for its job affects its placing in the show arena

How to Band a Western Horse's Mane
Outshine the competition in the western show arena by following these simple steps.

Question of the Week: Where Did Our Love Go?
I love my horse, but I've lost all motivation to ride. Is this normal?

Horse Grooming - Tips for Bathing Your Horse
Tips to make bathing your horse less of a battle.

Horse Grooming - Grooming Tips From the Top
Show groomers share secret techniques for making their horses stand out on show day.

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