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Horse Keeping - 30 Trailering Tips
Master traveling with your horse with these 30 tips.

Horse Keeping - How to Break in a New Saddle
As in many horse-related activities, there are traditional approaches to breaking in a saddle as well as a little bit of new technology to help you along.

Horse Keeping - Safe Trailering
Follow these expert tips for safer horse trailering.

Riding in Comfort: 10 Tips to Haul Your Horse First Class
Taking some time to ensure your horse's comfort on the road will pay off when you reach your destination.

Horse Keeping - Horse Trailering Checklist
Check off these emergency essentials before you hit the road with horses in tow.

Horse Keeping - Traveling With Your Horse
Every horse traveling is more than likely to be accompanied by a mound of equipment. Be sure to keep these items within easy reach!

University of Kentucky Health Care Launches Saddle up Safely" Program
Submit your ideas on rider safety to be entered in a drawing for World Equestrian Games tickets.

HI Spy: Why Do You Compete?
Tell us why you show, despite the costs and challenges

5 Ways to Keep the Fun in Showing
Horse shows don't have to be stressful! These hints will help make your show day a fun day.

Dressing Slim in the Saddle
Riding clothes are notoriously unflattering, but there are some ways you can make them work for your shape.

Video: English Show Grooming
Here's how to give your horse that professional look for the hunter/jumper show ring.

Get Started Showing
A guide to preparing for your first horse show.

Prepare Your Horse for a Photo Shoot
Follow these grooming tips from Absorbine to spiff up your horse for Horse Illustrated's 2011 photo contest.

Grooming Tips for Show Ring Shine
Step-by-step instructions for making your horse look his best.

Be a Horse Show Buddy
Here are some tips on how you can help your friends have a successful show.

Horse Show Dos and Don???ts
Are you and your horse blue ribbon ready? Study our checklist before your next horse show adventure.

Horse Show Essentials
Here's the necessary gear you need to bring to a horse show.

Horsemanship How-to: Line up Like a Winner
Keep your winning ride going until the end of the class with these tips for mastering the line up.

Horse Show Prep Videos
Find out how the pros give their horses a polished look to make a great first impression in the show pen.

Horse Show Top 10
Universal truths every competitor should know.

Horse Showing - Reining: Fun, Fast and Challenging
This high-energy, spectator-friendly sport is churning up the dirt in arenas all across America.

Setting Goals for Each Horse Show
You might be thinking about year-end accolades when it comes to planning your show season, but it’s also worthwhile to set smaller, show-by-show goals.

Show Clothes Splurge or Steal?
Get the scoop on budget basics, smart upgrades and spare-no-expense, top-of-the-line looks.

Show Ring Fashion
Check out what's in-demand for the 2009 horse show season.

Horse Showing - Show-Ring Turnout
A well-groomed and smartly turned out horse just might give you that extra edge in the show-ring.

Show Survival
Showing should be fun, not stressful. Check out our tips to disaster-proof your day.

Trailer Packing to Prevent Show Day Panic
Practice packing your trailer ahead of time, and you'll have less stress at every horse show.

Video: Western Show Grooming
Find out how the pros give their horses a polished look to make a great first impression in the show pen.

Horse Training - 30 Blue Ribbon Tips
What rider wouldn't like to add a blue ribbon to their collection? Use these tips to help snag the blue at your next show.

Horse Training - Softening a Horse's Hard Mouth
Less is more when it comes to softening a hard mouth.

Horse Behavior - Reasons for Horse Behavior Problems
Behavior problems are often the result of physical problems. Here's how to determine the root cause.

Horse Showing - Grooming for Halter and Showmanship
Grooming and conditioning for halter and showmanship.

Horse Training - How to Win Western Horsemanship
Trainer and judge Holly Hover offers her tips for a winning horsemanship ride.

Horse Training - Riding with a Light Touch
Teach your horse to become responsive to light rein and leg cues so that he is a predictable performer in the show ring.

Horse Behavior - Motivating Your Horse
Trying to get your horse to do what you want.

Horse Behavior - Conquering Trail Terrors
If hitting the trail sounds more fun to you than it does to your horse, now's the time to go back to basics and rebuild his confidence and attitude.

Horse Behavior - Training Your Horse Right the First Time
Training mistakes can have negative and long-lasting effects that are hard to reverse.

Horse Training - Is Your Yearling a Longeline Candidate?
Tips to ready your young horse for a show.'s You Be the Judge
Need a critique of your riding? Want to help other riders improve? This is the place!

Video: AQHA Western Pleasure Judging
What makes a correct walk, jog and lope for a western pleasure horse?

Western Horse Training - Barrel Racing Essentials
If you want to run barrels, use champion barrel racer Julie Voigt's proven strategies to get your horse started.

Western Horse Training - Getting Your Barrel Horse Through the In Gate
If your speed event horse has trouble entering the in-gate, advice from our experts will put you back on track.

Western Horse Training - Leading Your Halter Horse to Victory
Veteran competitor and judge Bambi Thomas shares her program to lead a halter horse to success.

Western Horse Training - Placing in Western Pleasure
Veteran competitor, trainer and coach Cleve Wells fills us in on the secrets of western pleasure success.

Western Horse Training - Riding the Run
Shape up your barrel racing equitation for a faster run, with tips from Martha Josey.

Western Horse Training - Speed Event Schooling Strategies
Optimize your speed event practice with these tested schooling strategies.

Trail Class Challenge: Better Lope-Overs
Top trainer John Briggs shares three lope-over exercises from beginner to advanced.

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