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Horse Breeding - Hormones and Horse Behavior
What is the truth about stallion-like behavior? Is it those things we love best about horses, or is it something vicious and unpredictable that should be checked by gelding the horse?

Horse Buying Tips - Hot or Cold: Which Temperament is Best for You?
Select the horse whose thermostat" is set in your comfort zone.

Horse Breeding - The Bond Between Mare and Foal
A look at what happens between mom and baby during those critical first days of a foal's life.

Connecting with Your Horse
Learn about why the horse/human bond is so important.

Equestrian Life - Getting a Rescued Horse to Trust You
Gaining the Trust of a Rescued Horse

Horse Rescue - Last Chance at Retraining
Bruce Lachiusa believes that most problem horses are created by riders who don't know how to ride.

Working with Your Horse's Horsenality
Identify your horse's Horsenality profile using the chart, then follow strategies for working effectively with each Horsenality type for a more successful partnership.

Bucking in Company
How do I prevent my horse from bucking on group rides?

Question of the Week: Taming the Aggressive Alpha Mare
My new horse has become very aggressive towards me. What can I do?

Arena Sour Horse
My horse hates the arena. How do I help him get over it?

Untouchable Ears
My horse has become extremely headshy. What do I do?

Question of the Week: Grumpy with the Girth
My horse bites when I tighten his girth. What can I do?

General Training Advice - Buddy Sour
Watch how John Lyons corrects buddy sour behavior in this exclusive HorseChannel video.

Question of the Week: Fear of the Farrier
My horse had a bad experience with the farrier. How do I regain her trust?

General Training Advice - Video: Fix Head Tossing with John Lyons
Watch John Lyons video to learn his tried and tested method for reforming a head tosser.

General Training Advice - Video: Lope Leads with John Lyons
Watch John Lyons' tips for getting your horse to take your leads in this HorseChannel video.

Question of the Week: Crowding
How do I teach my horse to respect my personal space?

Ask the Expert: Stop the Spooking
Clinton Anderson offers advice to a rider with a spooky horse.

Downhill Dilemma
My mare kicks out and bucks while going downhill on trail rides. How can I correct this dangerous behavior?

Horse Fun - Horses Love ...
Cookies and carrots will bring nickers, but here???s what the research suggests horses love.

What’s Your Horse’s Personality Type?
A tool for assessing human personality is fun to try out on our horses.

Feeding the Hot Horse
The truth about nutrition and high-energy equines.

Headshaking in Horses
Once believed to be related to light sensitivity, headshaking in horses has proven to be a complex syndrome to identify and treat.

Horse Health - Stall Smorgasbord
If you have a stabled horse with vices, read on.

A glossary of equine vocalizations
When your horse is talking, here’s how to listen and respond.

Catch Me If You Can
Learn tried-and-true methods for catching your horse.

Helping Horses Acclimate to a New Home
Here's what you need to know about making your horse's transition to his new home as stress-free as possible.

Equine Body Language
Learn to recognize what your horse's expressions and body language mean.

How to Speak Horse
Learn to better understand and interact with your horse by speaking his language.

Introducing a New Horse to the Herd
These three steps will help ensure a safe introduction when a new horse arrives at your barn.

Learning the Personality of a New Horse
After welcoming a new horse to the farm, take some time to quietly observe and learn.

Turnout Compatibility
Think safety first when putting horses together.

Why Horses Need the Herd
How your horse's time with other horses can benefit your time together.

Human Nervousness Can Transfer to Equines
A Swedish University study shows that a nervous rider can cause a nervous horse.

Is grooming better than treats for bonding with your horse?
Researchers from Europe studied the differences in touch and food as rewards and training tools.

Ask the Expert: Respect at the Lope
My horse bucks at the lope. How can I fix this habit?

Is Your Horse Unsafe?
Here's how to prevent minor training issues from turning into dangerous behavior problems.

Hair Whorls Give a Clue to Horses’ Spooking Behavior
Researchers have found a correlation between whorl direction and how horses react to scary stimuli.

7 Warning Signs of Poor Saddle Fit
These symptoms could indicate that your saddle isn't right for your horse.

Horsemanship How-to:
A Collection of Step-by-Step Guides on the Basics of Riding, Showing and Stable Management

Ask the Expert: Bad Behavior at Horse Shows
How do I stop my horse from trying to kick other horses in the show ring?

A Horse's Sense of Humor
Some horses seem to have a healthy sense of humor, but don't let cute antics cross the line to dangerous behavior.

Are You Untraining Your Horse?
Four things you're probably letting your horse get away with, and how to stop it.

Bad Behavior on the Lead
This exercise will teach your horse to be more respectful on the lead rope.

Cure winter boredom with barn aisle exercises
Make good use of the colder months by devoting some time to groundwork.

Become Your Horse's Herd Leader through Groundwork
Earn your horse’s trust with three key groundwork exercises from trainer Julie Goodnight.

Bomb-Proofing Tips from Mounted Police Officers
All riders can benefit from the techniques police departments use to train their horses to stay calm in challenging situations.

Bonding with Your Horse
Build a foundation of friendship, respect and trust with your new horse.

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