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Video: Dragging Objects with Charles Wilhelm
Trainer Charles Wilhelm shows you how to desensitize your horse to objects around him.

Circle Driving with Clinton Anderson
This exercise will help your horse become attentive and relaxed while being led.

Backing for Respect with Clinton Anderson
Clinton Anderson's tips for dealing with an aggressive horse.

No More Trailer Troubles
Clinton Anderson puts an end to your horse???s trailer loading fears.

Conditioning Your Horse During Downtime
A reduced winter training schedule is ideal for unlearning bad habits and starting positive ones.

The Ex-Racehorse Factor
With the right training, off-track Thoroughbreds can be very rewarding.

Green horse resources from
A compilation of articles, tips and stories for owners of young and untrained horses

Groundwork for Young Horses
Stacy Westfall shares her techniques for starting a young horse from the ground up.

Handling Bad Behavior
Olympic medalist Gina Miles shares her tips for correcting bucking, rearing and bolting.

Good Hand Habits
When it comes to using your hands to effectively communicate with your horse, courtesy counts. Mind your manners and your horse will mind you.

Horse Training - Softening a Horse's Hard Mouth
Less is more when it comes to softening a hard mouth.

Horse Behavior - Help for Headshy Horses
Expert advice on avoiding and overcoming headshyness.

Horse Behavior - Reasons for Horse Behavior Problems
Common behavior issues in horses may be their way of telling us something.

Horse Training - Riding with a Light Touch
Teach your horse to become responsive to light rein and leg cues so that he is a predictable performer in the show-ring.

Horse Training - Round Pen Training
Want to move forward in your training program? Try going in circles--in a round pen.

Is Your Horse Nervous?
Nervousness can account for behavior and training problems, but you can help your horse work through it.

Is Your Horse’s Bad Attitude a Sign of Discomfort?
What seems like bad horse behavior is often a reaction to a physical problem.

Jonathan Field: Building Partnership through Leadership Video
Learn how to keep your horse focused in distracting situations with trainer Jonathan Field.

Horse Training - Sacking out with Ken McNabb
Desensitize a timid horse with composed techniques in the round pen.

The Laws of the Leadrope
A three-step refresher course on leading will help maintain your horse's good ground manners.

Horse Behavior - Recognizing Learning Ability in Horses
Intelligence is difficult, if not impossible, to quantify in a species whose language we cannot understand because actions alone cannot explain the logic or awareness behind them.

Making the Most of a Hot Horse
How to handle the hot horse through management and exercise.

Parelli Training Methods
Find articles, tips and advice on Parelli's method of natural training.

Parelli Natural Horsemanship: Approach and Retreat
Learn this method to keep your horse feeling confident.

Parelli Natural Horsemanship: The Seven Games
What are the seven games? Pat Parelli explains.

Pat Parelli: Crossing Water with Confidence
Teach your horse to safely cross through water on the trail.

Horse Behavior - Discover Your Horse's Personality Type
Knowing your horse's personality type can help improve your relationship with him and help you tailor your training and goals to meet his needs.

Horsemanship How-to: Ride Through a Rear
What should you do when your horse rears, and how do you stop it from becoming a habit?

Horse Behavior - When Horses Act Dangerously
When horses start displaying unruly behavior, it poses serious risk to both the horse and his human handlers.

Building a Sound Future
How to start a young horse correctly.

Spring Conditioning for Every Horse
How to safely prepare your horse for riding season whether he's a greenie or a seasoned pro.

Horsemanship How-to: Teach a Horse to Back
Here are 10 steps to perfecting this essential skill.

Teach Your Horse to Stand Tied
Clinician Clinton Anderson explains how he trains a horse to stand quietly while tied.

The Spoiled Horse
Clinton Anderson’s solutions for dealing with the pushy or spoiled horse.

Horse Behavior - Training Your Horse Right the First Time
Training mistakes can have negative and long-lasting effects that are hard to reverse.

Horse Training - Training Without Force
Respecting our horses as partners means never trying to overpower them and force them into performing like wind-up toys.

Horse Training - Is Your Yearling a Longeline Candidate?
Tips to ready your young horse for a show.

Train Your Horse to Tie
Patience, preparation and routine are essential to teaching your horse to tie.

Warm Up and Cool Down to Keep Your Horse Comfortable
Improve performance and reduce injury risk with these techniques.

Maintaining your horse's year-round fitness
Making the time to ride in the winter will help keep your horse sound all year.

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