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A Responsive Horse
Tune up your horse to respond quickly and effortlessly to your aids.

Are You Untraining Your Horse?
Four things you're probably letting your horse get away with, and how to stop it.

Video: Assessing Your Horse’s Fitness
Many riders use respiration rates alone to determine if their horse is fit, but that doesn’t show the whole picture.

Horse Training - Teach Your Horse to Back
Teaching your horse to perform a smooth and steady back up can win you points in the show ring, and keep him supple and responsive to the bridle.

Bad Behavior on the Lead
This exercise will teach your horse to be more respectful on the lead rope.

Balancing an Off-Track Thoroughbred
How to teach an ex-racehorse to work and bend in both directions.

Cure winter boredom with barn aisle exercises
Make good use of the colder months by devoting some time to groundwork.

Become Your Horse's Herd Leader through Groundwork
Earn your horse’s trust with three key groundwork exercises from trainer Julie Goodnight.

Bonding with Your Horse
Build a foundation of friendship, respect and trust with your new horse.

Breaking from the Lope
Trainer Julie Goodnight offers advice for a rider who has trouble keeping her horse in the lope.

Video: Dragging Objects with Charles Wilhelm
Trainer Charles Wilhelm shows you how to desensitize your horse to objects around him.

Circle Driving with Clinton Anderson
This exercise will help your horse become attentive and relaxed while being led.

Backing for Respect with Clinton Anderson
Clinton Anderson's tips for dealing with an aggressive horse.

Clinton Anderson: The Sending Exercise
This exercise will help your horse become less nervous in tight spaces.

No More Trailer Troubles
Clinton Anderson puts an end to your horse???s trailer loading fears.

Conditioning Your Horse During Downtime
A reduced winter training schedule is ideal for unlearning bad habits and starting positive ones.

Cross-Training for Horses
Try these exercises to shake up your riding routine and improve your horse's performance in any sport.

Dealing with the Lazy Horse
Clinton Anderson explains how he teaches horses to move forward off the rider's leg.

Driving Mini Horses
Train your mini horse to drive with expert advice from champion trainer Bryce Baker.

The Ex-Racehorse Factor
With the right training, off-track Thoroughbreds can be very rewarding.

Good Advice: Extended Trot Cue
Julie Goodnight explains how to ask your horse to extend the trot without breaking into a lope.

Fear Management with Julie Goodnight
Regain confidence and overcome fear to enjoy riding once again.

Form a Bond with Your Horse
How to show your horse affection without losing his respect.

Good Horse, Bad Horse
When you need to correct or praise your horse, what’s appropriate and what’s too much?

Green horse resources from
A compilation of articles, tips and stories for owners of young and untrained horses

Groundwork for Young Horses
Stacy Westfall shares her techniques for starting a young horse from the ground up.

Handling Bad Behavior
Olympic medalist Gina Miles shares her tips for correcting bucking, rearing and bolting.

Good Hand Habits
When it comes to using your hands to effectively communicate with your horse, courtesy counts. Mind your manners and your horse will mind you.

Happier Trails for You and Your Horse
From barn sourness to spooking, trail experts share their tried-and-true solutions.

Horse Training - Softening a Horse's Hard Mouth
Less is more when it comes to softening a hard mouth.

Horse Behavior - Help for Headshy Horses
Expert advice on avoiding and overcoming headshyness.

Heart Rate Monitors for Horses
How this athletic training tool can provide data to improve your horse's health and fitness.

Good Advice: Herd Hierarchy
Julie Goodnight's explains how to use your herd's hierarchy to manage your horses better.

Horse Behavior - Reasons for Horse Behavior Problems
Common behavior issues in horses may be their way of telling us something.

Horse Training - Riding with a Light Touch
Teach your horse to become responsive to light rein and leg cues so that he is a predictable performer in the show-ring.

Horse Training - Round Pen Training
Want to move forward in your training program? Try going in circles--in a round pen.

How to Begin Every Ride
Your horse's warm-up just might be the most important part of your ride.

Improve Your Horse's Transitions
Learn better gait transitions for all horses and riders with a few simple steps.

Is Your Horse Nervous?
Nervousness can account for behavior and training problems, but you can help your horse work through it.

Is Your Horse’s Bad Attitude a Sign of Discomfort?
What seems like bad horse behavior is often a reaction to a physical problem.

Jonathan Field: Building Partnership through Leadership Video
Learn how to keep your horse focused in distracting situations with trainer Jonathan Field.

Jumping Over Obstacles with Clinton Anderson
Incorporate jumping into your groundwork routine to challenge your horse and build his confidence.

Horse Training - Sacking out with Ken McNabb
Desensitize a timid horse with composed techniques in the round pen.

The Laws of the Lead Rope
A three-step refresher course on leading will help maintain your horse's good ground manners.

Leading a Horse: What's Wrong with This Picture?
See if you can identify some errors many handlers make when leading a horse.

Video: Leading by the Muzzle
Teach your horse to respond to gentle pressure on his muzzle with this exercise from Clinton Anderson.

Horse Behavior - Recognizing Learning Ability in Horses
Intelligence is difficult, if not impossible, to quantify in a species whose language we cannot understand because actions alone cannot explain the logic or awareness behind them.

Making the Most of a Hot Horse
How to handle the hot horse through management and exercise.

Motivated to Move
Pat and Linda Parelli offer solutions for the horse that’s lazy and unmotivated in the arena.

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