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What People Think

EventionTV: What People Think I Do
As horsepeople, there are a lot of misconceptions about what we do. The non-horsey folks seem to think we're: Filthy Rich; Somehow involved in Thoroughbred racing; Stuck in our own unrealistic childhood dreams; or All of the above. But it's not just the equestrian-unacquainted who don't quite grasp what we do. We're often misunderstood by our trainers, our families, and at times, even our own selves.

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Featured Video: Mini Horse, Giant Soccer Ball
A Miniature Horse foal has a ridiculous amount of fun with an oversized soccer ball.

Featured Video: Minis at the Beach
Miniature Horses find plenty of ways to have fun on their beach holiday.

Featured Video: Show Jumping Prospect
This little foal isn't wasting any time in his quest to become a champion jumper.

Featured Video: "Happy," World Equestrian Games Edition
With just a couple of weeks to go, we're feeling happy about the upcoming games in France.

Jonathan Field's Story
Get a glimpse into the life of horsemanship trainer and clinician Jonathan Field.

Featured Video: What People Think I Do
A look at just some of the ways equestrians are viewed by the others.

Featured Video: Reining Fan
Meet a reining fan who's more than ready for the 2014 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games.

Featured Video: Endurance Fan
Meet an endurance fan who's more than ready for the 2014 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games.

Featured Video: Side Saddle Jumping World Record
Few riders will attempt a jump of this height. Even fewer will do it riding aside.

Featured Video: Horse Interview
A cheeky horse tests a camera operator's devotion to his job.

Featured Video: If Horses Were People - Farrier Edition
What would the world be like if people acted like horses?

Featured Video: Barn Cat
A barn cat's most important role on a modern horse farm is to be adorable on camera.

Featured Video: Pool Party
A hot day, a resourceful horse, and a very durable inflatable kiddie pool.

Featured Video: Mr. G. the Jungle Gym
A patient horse provides endless fun for a trio of bouncing baby goats.

Horse Call
It's not exactly horse whispering, but it works.

Featured Video: Introduction to Endurance Riding
If you've never thought about entering an endurance ride, this video might convince you to try it.

Featured Video: Sprinkler Fun
Some horses are terrified of water. These are not those horses.

A Crazy Blend Of Rollerblading And Show Jumping
You will not believe what happens when a rollerblader meets a horse.

Featured Video: If Horses Were People Episode 6
What would the world be like if people acted like horses?

Featured Video: Summer Time
A summer day at the barn captured in images and sounds.

Featured Video: Chromie is My Homie
A youthful tribute to California Chrome as he makes his bid for the Triple Crown.

Featured Video: Belly Rub
A Mini foal overpowers a big dog in the cutest way possible.

Featured Video: Itchy Foals
Three clever foals demonstrate how to scratch that hard-to-reach itchy spot.

Featured Video: Mr. G. and Jellybean
A goat and his burro friend show that nothing in the world can replace a good friend.

Totilas' Triumphant Return
The legendary dressage stallion entered--and won--his first competition in two years.

Featured Video: #mindyourmelon
In the latest episode of Evention TV, we learn that all the cool kids wear helmets.

Featured Video: Barrel Racing Helmet Cam
See what it's like to ride a winning barrel run.

Video of the Week: Lazy Days
A trio of draft horses have perfected the art of relaxing on a sunny afternoon.

Video of the Week: Bareback, Backwards Reining
Freestyle reining is always fun for spectators, but throw a rider like Dan James into the mix, and it can only get better.

Video of the Week: Muddy Horses
This horse loves his mud puddle, but he's more than willing to share it!

Video of the Week: Andrew Nicholson Defies Gravity
The laws of physics just don't seem to apply to eventer Andrew Nicholson.

Video of the Week: 100 Miles
If this doesn't inspire you to get out of the arena and go for a trail ride, you'd better check your pulse!

Video of the Week: Snorkeling Horses
A clever pair of horses find a fun way to escape the heat on a summer day.

Video of the Week: Beach Ride
Join a group of Texas riders as they enjoy a day at the beach with their horses.

Video of the Week: Stephen Colbert's dressage lesson
In the lead-up to the 2012 Olympics, late night TV host Stephen Colbert gave dressage a try. Here's what happened.

French and Saunders: Ponies
Enjoy this classic clip from the British comedy sketch show French and Saunders.

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