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Featured Video: Horse Can’t Get Over How Good Looking He Is
Vanity is not an appealing trait, but being able to appreciate one’s appearance is a quality few have. Unless, of course, you’re this horse in the video who can’t get enough of looking at himself in the mirror in his stable. He knows he’s good looking. He appreciates his own beauty. He’s so comfortable in his own skin that he just can’t help admiring his reflection.

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Featured Video: Rolex 2017 with Lauren Kieffer
Land Rover presents a look behind the scenes with a veteran three-day event rider.

Featured Video: A Halter is No Match for Houdini Horse
It only takes a few seconds for this clever pony to find his freedom.

Featured Video: This Horse Has No Use for Fake Friends
A mare named Gypsy isn’t afraid to let an impostor horse know what she thinks of him.

Featured Video: Florida Cracker Horse vs. Alligator
Both animals are said to be uninjured after a brief but scary altercation.

Featured Video: Express Clydesdales at the Beach
One handler goes for an unplanned swim during a photo shoot thanks to one very large, very enthusiastic horse.

Featured Video: St. Patrick’s Day Magic
From Horseware Ireland, the tale of some tiny magical creatures from the Irish countryside.

Featured Video: Mini Horses Playing in the Snow
Just enjoy a few more minutes of snowy fun before we bid farewell to winter.

Featured Video: The Friendship Between a Steer and a Stallion
An elderly horse and a young steer have forged a friendship at Sweet Farm rescue.

Featured Video: Breakfast is a Donkey
A horse gets service with a smile courtesy of Dave the Donkey.

Featured Video: A 360-Degree Show Jumping Helmet Cam
Get an around-the-world view from the rider’s perspective.

Featured Video: Riding The Glass Skywalk
A horse and rider tackle the Glacier Skywalk at Jasper National Park.

Featured Video: Mini Horse Rides Shotgun
Dumbledore the Mini is the co-pilot who steals your coffee.

Featured Video: Eventing Showcase Helmet Cam
Eventer Elisa Wallace takes us along as she and Simply Priceless compete in this unique event.

Featured Video: Boyd Martin Gets Run Over by a Horse
The Olympic eventer took one for the team while teaching a clinic in Texas.

Featured Video: Horses and Dolphins
Horses and riders meet some new friends on a visit to the beach.

Featured Video: Getting in Shape with Vinnie the Mini
This charismatic horse will give you the inspiration you need to get started on your New Year’s resolution.

Featured Video: The Last Horse at the Rescue
A holiday ad from Purina is probably going to make you cry; might also make you adopt.

Featured Video: Ponies and Donkeys Decorate the Christmas Tree
The residents of an equine rescue in England are creating some holiday cheer.

Featured Video: A Cat Riding a Mini Horse Dressed up as a Reindeer
If you believe that the internet exists primarily for cute animal videos, you’ll appreciate this one.

Featured Video: The Return of Tinker, the Bell-Ringing Mini Horse
Tinker is a star fundraiser for the Salvation Army during the holiday season.

Featured Video: Riding in America’s Thanksgiving Parade
A rider’s-eye view of what it’s like to ride through the streets of Detroit in one of America’s biggest parades.

Featured Video: A Tribute to Valegro
Friends and fans of the beloved dressage horse say goodbye ahead of his official retirement on December 14.

Featured Video: A Day at the Horse Show
Take a three-minute break for a virtual visit to the barn.

Featured Video: Tiny Pony; Big Jumps
Who needs a big show jumper when you’ve got a rocket-powered pony like this?

Featured Video: Stephen Colbert Meets the World’s Most Handsome Horse
A Friesian stallion named Frederick the Great is taking over late night.

Featured Video: Backing Up the Horse Trailer
A herd of equine spectators gets a good laugh at a driver’s attempts to back a horse trailer.

Featured Video: T-Rex Tries Show Jumping
The horse who took this dinosaur for a ride deserves so, so many carrots.

Featured Video: Moose Encounter
We really don't talk enough about moose safety. Let's use this opportunity.

Featured Video: Behind Every Great Horse
A look at what it takes to make a great racehorse, courtesy of one 60-second Guinness ad.

Featured Video: The Girl and the Horse
A short film that captures what it's like to rediscover a childhood love.

Featured Video: Horse Can’t Leave Reporter Alone
Doing the newscast right in front of the stall probably seemed like a cute idea at first.

Featured Video: Orphan Foals Meet the Neighbors
A short clip of two foals interacting with new adult horses is a fascinating look at horse herd behaviors.

Featured Video: Surrounded by Ponies
More accurately, surrounded by Icelandic Horses. And it looks like heaven.

Featured Video: Help Hunny Get to Europe
PVF Peace of Mind, the 2015 USEF Horse of the Year, wants to get some high-profile help on her quest to compete at the World Championship.

Featured Video: Horse Show Dads
A tribute to the men who make horse show life possible for so many young riders.

Featured Video: A Rider's Prayer
A snowy landscape provides the backdrop to this touching video that every rider will understand.

Featured Video: Sharing Snacks
A generous horse shares his abundance of hay with his hungry next-door neighbor.

Featured Video: Police Horses Do the Running Man Challenge
Thank you for your service, equine officers. And for your stellar moves.

Featured Video: Babysitter Horse
Horses and babies are a lot of work. Just let them keep each other entertained.

Featured Video: What a Wonderful World
The world is an amazing place, made only more amazing when viewed from the back of a horse.

Featured Video: The Beauty of Senior Horses
A horse rescue compiled this video of some of their beloved older horses.

Featured Video: Black Stallion Stars in Lloyds Bank Commercial
This isn’t the first time the bank has featured a horse in a campaign.

Featured Video: Batu the Przewalski's Horse is Having a Ball
A big, green baby horse enrichment ball that is.

Featured Video: And Now Here’s a Horse Wearing a Three-Piece Suit
Every man should look dapper; even those of the equine variety.

Featured Video: The Return of Chicken Hat
There's a veritable epidemic of horses wearing chickens on their heads.

Featured Video: Man Travels on Horseback Through the Snow So He Can Teach a Class
Kenesh Shorukov travels three to four hours each day to set a good example for his students.

Featured Video: A Positive Experience for a Horse on the Road
An act of kindness by a garbage collector helps a horse and rider and earns accolades from equestrians on the Internet.

Featured Video: Hannah Hart Rides a Horse
The YouTube star saddled up to promote volunteering through her "Have a Hart" series.

Featured Video: The Friendship Between a Horse and a Chicken
Dogs and cats are great, but at this barn, the chicken is the horses' best companion.

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