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Kentucky Reining Cup

Featured Video: Highlights from the Kentucky Reining Cup
After a thrilling day watching top riders tackle one of the toughest cross-country courses in the world at the 2015 Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event, spectators head over to the Kentucky Horse Park's Alltech Arena on Saturday night to watch the Freestyle Reining World Championship.

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Nothing Says Jazzercise Like Miniature Horses
Horses make everything better… especially an afternoon of exercising.

Featured Video: No Rider Necessary
A riderless horse gives us all a lesson in pole bending.

Featured Video: American Pharoah’s Sidekick
Smokey, the buckskin who escorts American Pharoah at the track, had an impressive athletic career of his own.

Featured Video: Catch!
Who needs a dog when you’ve got a pony like this?

Featured Video: Equestrian and Football Collide
Athletes from Auburn University's equestrian and football teams trade places.

Featured Video: Kentucky Derby by the Numbers
Impress everyone at your Derby party with these interesting facts.

Featured Videos: Highlights from the Kentucky Reining Cup
The competition featured crossovers from the eventing world, "Let It Go," and Dan James doing what he does best.

Featured Video: Slow Mo Racehorse
What does a full gallop look like in super slow motion?

Featured Video: Shedding Assistants
Need some help shedding your horse out this spring? Hire these guys.

Featured Video: Highlights from Equitana
Think you've seen everything there is to see in the horse world? Think again.

Featured Video: Snowy Ride in Spain
Join a group of riders in the snowy Basque region of Spain.

Featured Video: Race Ya!
A Mini Horse and a pack of dogs demonstrate the joy of running.

Featured Video: Clydesdale Shopping Assistant
An impressive horse has some advice for a shopper in the beer aisle in this pre-Super Bowl ad.

Featured Video: The Pigeon and the Horse
Share a quiet moment with these unusual companions.

Featured Video: A Helpful Foal
A Haflinger mare gets a spa day thanks to her foal.

Featured Video: Jack Russell Rides Mini Horse
Can your barn dog do this? And if so, would your horse be OK with it?

Featured Video: Daftest Event on the Horse Racing Calendar
Thoroughbreds they are not, but these racers sure know how to have fun.

Featured Video: If Horses Were People — Blanket Edition
The latest in the SmartPak series illustrates the many challenges of blanketing your horse.

Featured Video: Horse as Water
Who knew a commercial for water could be so beautiful?

Featured Video: Clydesdale Designated Drivers
Need someone to get you home safely? These guys can help.

Featured Video: A Refreshing Swim
Stacy Westfall and her horse, Newt, go swimming. In November. In Maine.

Featured Video: Horse and Baboon are Besties
It seems like an unlikely friendship, but a group of horses and baboons make it work.

Featured Video: Stuff Riders Say (about Blankets)
"Well no, she doesn’t need it, but plaids are her thing!”

Featured Video: Horse Pants
Late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel presents a revolutionary idea for the equine market.

Featured Video: Mini Horse Carves Pumpkin
Saber the Mini has a clear artistic vision for this Halloween decoration. Probably.

Featured Video: An Equestrian Portrait
How a 31-year-old Arabian rescue horse became a rescuer himself.

Featured Video: Barrel Racing Draft Horses
These horses didn’t break any speed records, but they do look impressive.

Featured Video: Combined Driving Helmet Cam
See what it’s like to drive the marathon phase of a CDE.

Featured Video: The Story of a Man and His Horse
Can an ad for horse blankets make you cry? Don’t answer until you’ve watched this.

Video of the Week: Champions at the Beach
American dressage stars Tina Konyot and Calecto V leave the WEG arena and head straight for the beach!

Featured Video: Bridleless Trail Riding in the Rainforest
Trail riding through the rainforest sounds like an adventure. Now try it without a bridle.

Featured Video: Mini Horse, Giant Soccer Ball
A Miniature Horse foal has a ridiculous amount of fun with an oversized soccer ball.

Featured Video: Minis at the Beach
Miniature Horses find plenty of ways to have fun on their beach holiday.

Featured Video: Show Jumping Prospect
This little foal isn't wasting any time in his quest to become a champion jumper.

Featured Video: "Happy," World Equestrian Games Edition
With just a couple of weeks to go, we're feeling happy about the upcoming games in France.

Jonathan Field's Story
Get a glimpse into the life of horsemanship trainer and clinician Jonathan Field.

Featured Video: What People Think I Do
A look at just some of the ways equestrians are viewed by the others.

Featured Video: Reining Fan
Meet a reining fan who's more than ready for the 2014 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games.

Featured Video: Endurance Fan
Meet an endurance fan who's more than ready for the 2014 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games.

Featured Video: Side Saddle Jumping World Record
Few riders will attempt a jump of this height. Even fewer will do it riding aside.

Featured Video: Horse Interview
A cheeky horse tests a camera operator's devotion to his job.

Featured Video: If Horses Were People - Farrier Edition
What would the world be like if people acted like horses?

Featured Video: Barn Cat
A barn cat's most important role on a modern horse farm is to be adorable on camera.

Featured Video: Pool Party
A hot day, a resourceful horse, and a very durable inflatable kiddie pool.

Featured Video: Mr. G. the Jungle Gym
A patient horse provides endless fun for a trio of bouncing baby goats.

Horse Call
It's not exactly horse whispering, but it works.

Featured Video: Introduction to Endurance Riding
If you've never thought about entering an endurance ride, this video might convince you to try it.

Featured Video: Sprinkler Fun
Some horses are terrified of water. These are not those horses.

A Crazy Blend Of Rollerblading And Show Jumping
You will not believe what happens when a rollerblader meets a horse.

Featured Video: If Horses Were People Episode 6
What would the world be like if people acted like horses?

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