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Featured Video: Horse Can’t Get Over How Good Looking He Is
Vanity is not an appealing trait, but being able to appreciate one’s appearance is a quality few have. Unless, of course, you’re this horse in the video who can’t get enough of looking at himself in the mirror in his stable. He knows he’s good looking. He appreciates his own beauty. He’s so comfortable in his own skin that he just can’t help admiring his reflection.

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Featured Video: American Pharoah’s Sidekick
Smokey, the buckskin who escorts American Pharoah at the track, had an impressive athletic career of his own.

Featured Video: Catch!
Who needs a dog when you’ve got a pony like this?

Featured Video: Equestrian and Football Collide
Athletes from Auburn University's equestrian and football teams trade places.

Featured Video: Kentucky Derby by the Numbers
Impress everyone at your Derby party with these interesting facts.

Featured Videos: Highlights from the Kentucky Reining Cup
The competition featured crossovers from the eventing world, "Let It Go," and Dan James doing what he does best.

Featured Video: Slow Mo Racehorse
What does a full gallop look like in super slow motion?

Featured Video: Shedding Assistants
Need some help shedding your horse out this spring? Hire these guys.

Featured Video: Highlights from Equitana
Think you've seen everything there is to see in the horse world? Think again.

Featured Video: Snowy Ride in Spain
Join a group of riders in the snowy Basque region of Spain.

Featured Video: Race Ya!
A Mini Horse and a pack of dogs demonstrate the joy of running.

Featured Video: Clydesdale Shopping Assistant
An impressive horse has some advice for a shopper in the beer aisle in this pre-Super Bowl ad.

Featured Video: The Pigeon and the Horse
Share a quiet moment with these unusual companions.

Featured Video: A Helpful Foal
A Haflinger mare gets a spa day thanks to her foal.

Featured Video: Jack Russell Rides Mini Horse
Can your barn dog do this? And if so, would your horse be OK with it?

Featured Video: Daftest Event on the Horse Racing Calendar
Thoroughbreds they are not, but these racers sure know how to have fun.

Featured Video: If Horses Were People — Blanket Edition
The latest in the SmartPak series illustrates the many challenges of blanketing your horse.

Featured Video: Horse as Water
Who knew a commercial for water could be so beautiful?

Featured Video: Clydesdale Designated Drivers
Need someone to get you home safely? These guys can help.

Featured Video: A Refreshing Swim
Stacy Westfall and her horse, Newt, go swimming. In November. In Maine.

Featured Video: Horse and Baboon are Besties
It seems like an unlikely friendship, but a group of horses and baboons make it work.

Featured Video: Stuff Riders Say (about Blankets)
"Well no, she doesn’t need it, but plaids are her thing!”

Featured Video: Horse Pants
Late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel presents a revolutionary idea for the equine market.

Featured Video: Mini Horse Carves Pumpkin
Saber the Mini has a clear artistic vision for this Halloween decoration. Probably.

Featured Video: An Equestrian Portrait
How a 31-year-old Arabian rescue horse became a rescuer himself.

Featured Video: Barrel Racing Draft Horses
These horses didn’t break any speed records, but they do look impressive.

Featured Video: Combined Driving Helmet Cam
See what it’s like to drive the marathon phase of a CDE.

Featured Video: The Story of a Man and His Horse
Can an ad for horse blankets make you cry? Don’t answer until you’ve watched this.

Featured Video: Champions at the Beach
American dressage stars Tina Konyot and Calecto V leave the WEG arena and head straight for the beach!

Featured Video: Bridleless Trail Riding in the Rainforest
Trail riding through the rainforest sounds like an adventure. Now try it without a bridle.

Featured Video: Mini Horse, Giant Soccer Ball
A Miniature Horse foal has a ridiculous amount of fun with an oversized soccer ball.

Featured Video: Minis at the Beach
Miniature Horses find plenty of ways to have fun on their beach holiday.

Featured Video: Show Jumping Prospect
This little foal isn't wasting any time in his quest to become a champion jumper.

Featured Video: "Happy," World Equestrian Games Edition
With just a couple of weeks to go, we're feeling happy about the upcoming games in France.

Jonathan Field's Story
Get a glimpse into the life of horsemanship trainer and clinician Jonathan Field.

Featured Video: What People Think I Do
A look at just some of the ways equestrians are viewed by the others.

Featured Video: Reining Fan
Meet a reining fan who's more than ready for the 2014 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games.

Featured Video: Endurance Fan
Meet an endurance fan who's more than ready for the 2014 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games.

Featured Video: Side Saddle Jumping World Record
Few riders will attempt a jump of this height. Even fewer will do it riding aside.

Featured Video: Horse Interview
A cheeky horse tests a camera operator's devotion to his job.

Featured Video: If Horses Were People - Farrier Edition
What would the world be like if people acted like horses?

Featured Video: Barn Cat
A barn cat's most important role on a modern horse farm is to be adorable on camera.

Featured Video: Pool Party
A hot day, a resourceful horse, and a very durable inflatable kiddie pool.

Featured Video: Mr. G. the Jungle Gym
A patient horse provides endless fun for a trio of bouncing baby goats.

Featured Video: Horse Call
It's not exactly horse whispering, but it works.

Featured Video: Introduction to Endurance Riding
If you've never thought about entering an endurance ride, this video might convince you to try it.

Featured Video: Sprinkler Fun
Some horses are terrified of water. These are not those horses.

A Crazy Blend Of Rollerblading And Show Jumping
You will not believe what happens when a rollerblader meets a horse.

Featured Video: If Horses Were People Episode 6
What would the world be like if people acted like horses?

Featured Video: Summer Time
A summer day at the barn captured in images and sounds.

Featured Video: Chromie is My Homie
A youthful tribute to California Chrome as he makes his bid for the Triple Crown.

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