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Featured Video: Horse Can’t Get Over How Good Looking He Is
Vanity is not an appealing trait, but being able to appreciate one’s appearance is a quality few have. Unless, of course, you’re this horse in the video who can’t get enough of looking at himself in the mirror in his stable. He knows he’s good looking. He appreciates his own beauty. He’s so comfortable in his own skin that he just can’t help admiring his reflection.

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Featured Video: Do You Need to Breed?
Is overbreeding really a problem in the horse industry? World Horse Welfare looks at the impact of "just one foal."

Featured Video: Snorkeling Horses
A clever pair of horses find a fun way to escape the heat on a summer day.

Video of the Week: Orphan Foal and Teddy Bear
A foal finds comfort in a cuddly, oversized teddy bear.

Featured Video: Horse vs. Zombies
When the zombies arrive, you want a well-trained, well-armed horse on your team.

Featured Video: Donkey Singalong
A pair of donkeys know just how to respond to donkey videos on YouTube.

Featured Video: Line-Dancing Horse
A big horse proves that line dancing is truly for everybody in this clip from Equitana.

Video of the Week: Pony Grooms Cat -
Can you stand one more cute cat video? What if we throw in a pony?

Featured Video: Horses Vs. Gingerbread House
Here's one way to let your horse in on the holiday celebrations.

Featured Video: Mini Horse Volunteers
The Salvation Army's star bell ringer is a Mini Horse named Tinker.

Featured Video: Beach Ride
Join a group of Texas riders as they enjoy a day at the beach with their horses.

Featured Video: My Horse for President
Montana thte horse doesn't really care if you vote for him or not, and that's what makes him the ideal candidate.

Featured Video: How to Ride Sidesaddle like a Victorian Lady
Here's your horsey history lesson for the week.

Featured Video: Freestyle Reining Superman Style
Check out the Superman-themed freestyle reining pattern that won a world championship title.

Featured Video: Stephen Colbert's dressage lesson
In the lead-up to the 2012 Olympics, late night TV host Stephen Colbert gave dressage a try. Here's what happened.

Featured Video: Interspecies Friendship: Bogie and Cow
A foal and a dog demonstrate how we can all get along despite our differences.

Show Jumping Cow
When her parents told her she couldn't have a horse, this enterprising young rider saddled up the family cow.

French and Saunders: Ponies
Enjoy this classic clip from the British comedy sketch show French and Saunders.

Metropolitan Mounted Police at the London International Horse Show
To say this video shows horses and riders jumping through rings of fire doesn't even really begin to cover it.

Featured Video: Baby Goat Climbs Horse
Is Blaze the world's most patient horse, or is he enjoying this hircine chiropractic treatment?

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