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Western - Nail That Lead
World-champion reining trainer Casey Deary explains how to teach your horse to lope off on the correct lead.

Perfect Your Roll-Back
Learn to efficiently stop and change direction with your horse.

Cue Speed Between Barrels
What can I do to get my horse to pick up the pace between barrels?

Ask the Expert: My Horse Spooks at Ropes
Clinton Anderson helps a rider whose horse spooks whenever he sees a rope.

HorseChannel - Get Ready to Ride for Some Ranch Sorting
Similar to team penning, discover this latest cattle event.

Western Saddle Fit Problems Revealed in Recent Study
New Mexico State University has released the results of research on roping and barrel saddle fit.

Horse Training - Neck Reining Made Simple
Without good neck-reining responses, a horse won't do well in western pleasure, reining, barrel racing or most other western events.

Featured Video: This Cow Horse Doesn’t Need a Rider
If you’ve ever wondered what people mean when they say a horse has cow sense, watch this video.

Western Horse Training - Riding the Pivot
World-class trainer Charlie Cole shares his method for teaching your horse to pivot perfectly, whether you're in the ring or out on the trail.

Western Horse Training - Graduating Your Western Horse From Snaffle to Curb Bit
The key to a smooth and successful transition to the curb bit is to have your horse supple and responsive to the snaffle bit first.

Test Riding a Cutting Horse
Two Horse Illustrated editors try cutting for the first time at a clinic in California.

Western Horse Training - Bodybuilding for the Western Horse
Use bending and suppling exercises borrowed from dressage to improve your western horse.

Western Horse Training - The Making of a Cow Horse
An experienced ranch hand gives advice on building your horse's cow sense.

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