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Riding a Horsemanship Pattern
APHA judge and educator David Denniston offers tips for riding a horsemanship pattern.

Western - Nail That Lead
World-champion reining trainer Casey Deary explains how to teach your horse to lope off on the correct lead.

Horse Training - How to Win Western Horsemanship
Trainer and judge Holly Hover offers her tips for a winning horsemanship ride.

Horse Training - Riding with a Light Touch
Teach your horse to become responsive to light rein and leg cues so that he is a predictable performer in the show-ring.

Horse Training - Charging Up the Lazy Horse
Top trainer Buddy Fisher offers ways to get your lazy horse to change his meandering ways.

Western Horse Training - Flawless Riding Position
Follow these ten tips to improve your western equitation.

Neck Reining Dos and Don'ts
Winning coach Carla Wennberg offers tips to improve your neck reining skills.

Western Horse Training - Riding the Pivot
World-class trainer Charlie Cole shares his method for teaching your horse to pivot perfectly, whether you're in the ring or out on the trail.

Video: Riding Squares for Better Circles
If you want to impress the judges in horsemanship, or just want to improve your horse's handling, squares are the answer.

Western Horse Training - Graduating Your Western Horse From Snaffle to Curb Bit
The key to a smooth and successful transition to the curb bit is to have your horse supple and responsive to the snaffle bit first.

Western Horse Training - Walk-to-Lope Transitions
Learn champion Karen Qualls' system for a graceful walk-to-lope departure.

Western Horse Training - Bodybuilding for the Western Horse
Use bending and suppling exercises borrowed from dressage to improve your western horse.

Western Horse Training - Competing in Western Horsemanship
Trainer and judge Holly Hover offers her tips for a winning western horsemanship ride.

Western Horse Training - Extend the Jog and Collect Benefits
Work your western horse at the extended jog to enhance slower gaits.

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