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Fallon Taylor: Life in the Fast Lane
The world champion barrel racer talks style, safety and her #whatthehelmet moment.

Meet Barrel Racing Champ Amberley Snyder
After a car accident left her paralyzed, Amberley Snyder is blazing new trails as a barrel racer and motivational speaker.

Western - Nail That Lead
World-champion reining trainer Casey Deary explains how to teach your horse to lope off on the correct lead.

Rating Your Run
Teach your barrel horse how to rate for better turns with a few easy exercises.

Make a Complete Stop After a Barrel Run
Champion barrel racer Marlene McRae advises how to stop your horse after a barrel racing finish.

Increase Barrel Racing Flexibility
Champion barrel racer Marlene McRae advises how to increase barrel racing flexibility.

Ask the Expert: Shifting Weight in Barrel Racing
How should I shift my weight to help my horse around the barrels?

Western Saddle Fit Problems Revealed in Recent Study
New Mexico State University has released the results of research on roping and barrel saddle fit.

Horse Training - Neck Reining Made Simple
Without good neck-reining responses, a horse won't do well in western pleasure, reining, barrel racing or most other western events.

Horse Training - Charging Up the Lazy Horse
Top trainer Buddy Fisher offers ways to get your lazy horse to change his meandering ways.

Horse Training - Longeing Safely
Tips for holding the line.

Featured Video: Barrel Racing Helmet Cam
See what it's like to ride a winning barrel run.

Are Spurs for You?
Before you strap on a pair of spurs, consider what these experts have to say about them.

Western Horse Training - Barrel Racing Essentials
If you want to run barrels, use champion barrel racer Julie Voigt's proven strategies to get your horse started.

Western Horse Training - Barrel Racing Boot Camp
The author learns the true meaning of vacation while attending a Martha Josey barrel-racing clinic.

Barrel Racing Quick Tips
Three tips to improve your runs from a pro barrel racer.

Barrel Racing Repair Kit
Champion barrel racer Michele McLeod solves top speed-horse challenges.

Barrel Racing Troubleshooter
Champion barrel racer Lindsay Sears offers solutions to your toughest problems.

Controlling the Barrel Horse
Top barrel racer Molly Powell shares her secrets to overcoming pre- and post-barrel run misbehavior.

Western Horse Training - Cowboy Mounted Shooting
Get fired up to enjoy Cowboy Mounted Shooting, a fast-paced sport combining gymkhana and Old West marksmanship.

Seven Habits of Highly Effective Barrel Racers
Use these seven tips to shave seconds off the clock in your next barrel run.

Western Horse Training - Getting Your Barrel Horse Through the In Gate
If your speed event horse has trouble entering the in-gate, advice from our experts will put you back on track.

How to Train to Win Speed Events
Keep your pole bending or barrel horse mentally and physically sound during practice for better results.

Learning the Barrel Pattern
How to prepare your horse to perfect the cloverleaf pattern for barrel racing.

Master the Pole Bending Pattern
Get your horse started in pole bending with advice from a pro.

My Horse is Scared of Barrels
How to adjust your routine to help your horse become desensitized to barrels.

Western Horse Training - Better Pole Bending
APHA world champions share their pole bending secrets for success.

Western Horse Training - Riding the Pivot
World-class trainer Charlie Cole shares his method for teaching your horse to pivot perfectly, whether you're in the ring or out on the trail.

Riding the Money Barrel
Champion barrel racer Fallon Taylor offers tips to make your first turn your best.

Western Horse Training - Graduating Your Western Horse From Snaffle to Curb Bit
The key to a smooth and successful transition to the curb bit is to have your horse supple and responsive to the snaffle bit first.

Western Horse Training - Speed Event Schooling Strategies
Optimize your speed event practice with these tested schooling strategies.

A Weekly Barrel Racing Workout is in the Can
Get an inside look at how champion barrel racer Sue Smith keeps her horses mentally and physically fit to compete.

Western Horse Training - Bodybuilding for the Western Horse
Use bending and suppling exercises borrowed from dressage to improve your western horse.

Five Pole Bending Tips
Try these exercises with your horse to improve your pole bending times.

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