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English Horse Training - The Tevis Cup
The Western States Trail Ride, commonly called the Tevis Cup Ride, is the oldest modern-day endurance ride.

Trail Riding for Dressage Horses
Five ways to improve your dressage horse outside the arena.

Choosing the Right Trail Riding Partner
Four questions to ask your potential new trail riding buddy.

Equestrian Life - Evaluating Equine Fitness
If you plan to take your horse with you on vacation--camping and trail riding--make sure he's fit to go.

Equestrian Life - Selecting the Right Riding Vacation
How much riding are you up for? Find out before you go.

Preparing Your Horse for Group Trail Rides
Three questions to ask yourself before taking your horse on a group trail ride.

Equestrian Life - What to Pack for Riding Vacations
The gear you need for equestrian vacations, plus expert packing advice.

The Trail Rider's Social Network
Find Compatible trail riding buddies.

Wide Open Spaces
The campaign urging equestrians to help preserve open land for riding continues.

30 Tips for Better Trail Riding
Improve your trail rides with our best collection of tips.

Trail Problem Solver: Barn Sour Behavior
Follow these tips for handling barn sour behavior on the trail.

Trail Problem Solver: Bolting
Follow these tips to handle bolting on the trail.

Finding your Perfect Trail Horse
Advice for finding your perfect trail match.

Trail Problem Solver: Jigging
Follow these tips to handle jigging on the trail.

Western - Nail That Lead
World-champion reining trainer Casey Deary explains how to teach your horse to lope off on the correct lead.

Trail Problem Solver: Spooking
Follow these tips to handle spooking on the trail.

Six Summer Trail Riding Tips
Choosing the right trails is important during the hot summer months.

Too Hot to Ride?
Play it Safe this Summer.

First Aid Kit for the Trail
From humans to horses, here's what should go into trail riding first aid kits.

Trail Problem Solver
Learn how to handle barn-sour heavior, jigging, bolting and spooking on the trail.

Ultralight Horse Packing
Ultralight horse packing techniques get you into the backcountry with minimal gear.

Bucking in Company
How do I prevent my horse from bucking on group rides?

From Bombproof to Chicken
My horse used to be calm and quiet, but now he spooks at everything!

Question of the Week: Regaining Confidence
I want to start riding again, but my new horse makes me nervous. What can I do?

Downhill Dilemma
My mare kicks out and bucks while going downhill on trail rides. How can I correct this dangerous behavior?

Don't Dis the Snaffle
Do I need to put my horse in a curb bit for trail riding?

Hoof Care and Lameness - Packing Your Horse's Hooves
Does your horse behave as if his feet are a little ouchy" after a long trail ride over rough terrain? Are his tootsies tired by the end of a long day of showing?

Hoof Care and Lameness - Protective Legwear
Using protective legwear is a smart and easy way to protect your horse's legs from bumps, bangs and strains.

Horse First Aid - Trail Riding Injuries
A little first-aid know-how and a cool head will go a long way if your horse sustains an injury on the trail.

Trail Riding Etiquette
As the trails beckon, keep these guidelines in mind to enjoy a safe, fun season.

Top 10 Trail Riding Tips
Here are 10 ways to make a day on the trails with your horse even more perfect.

Trail Riding Goes Competitive
You don't need horse shows to satisfy your competitive side. Here are two ways to enjoy competitive trail riding.

Latigo Strings: Tie One On
Add Latigo Strings to Make Your Western Saddle Trail Ready

7 Warning Signs of Poor Saddle Fit
These symptoms could indicate that your saddle isn't right for your horse.

Saddle up for the Trail
Find the best saddle for long hours on the trail with your horse.

Step-by-Step Saddle Fit
Here's how to check the fit of your new trail riding saddle.

The Group Trail Checklist
Riders could take some inspiration from surgery teams for a simple way to stay safer and more comfortable on group trail rides.

Video: Emergency Stop Using Pulley Rein
This technique can stop your horse if you find yourself in a runaway situation on the trail.

Happier Trails for You and Your Horse
From barn sourness to spooking, trail experts share their tried-and-true solutions.

Jonathan Field: Building Partnership through Leadership Video
Learn how to keep your horse focused in distracting situations with trainer Jonathan Field.

Horse Training - Longeing Safely
Tips for holding the line.

Horse Behavior - Conquering Trail Terrors
If hitting the trail sounds more fun to you than it does to your horse, now's the time to go back to basics and rebuild his confidence and attitude.

Western Horse Training - Cowboy Mounted Shooting
Get fired up to enjoy Cowboy Mounted Shooting, a fast-paced sport combining gymkhana and Old West marksmanship.

Trail Riding - Ultralight Horse Packing
Take leave-no-trace camping trips easily with these ultralight horse packing techniques.

Western Horse Training - Trail Classes
Blue-ribbon trail class performances involve a high level of detail and skill.

Trail Riding - Mind Your Trail Manners
Obey the unwritten rules of the trail so you and your equestrian friends can enjoy the great outdoors.

Western Horse Training - Try a Trail Trial
If you???re looking to spice up your trail rides, show off your partnership with your horse or enjoy a little competition, trail trials, or ??judged pleasure rides,?g just might be for you.

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