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Guide to the Slow Jog
Learn what sets a spectacular jogger apart from the rest of the pack.

How to Band a Western Horse???s Mane
Outshine the competition in the western show arena by following these simple steps.

Question of the Week: Head Tossing
Why does my horse toss his head?

Ask the Expert: Smoothing out the Lope
My horse's lope is rough and very hard to sit. How can I fix this?

Horse Grooming - Coat Color Enhancers
Have you noticed the wide array of spray-on color enhancers for horses that are available at major tack stores?

Horsemanship How-to: Line up Like a Winner
Keep your winning ride going until the end of the class with these tips for mastering the line up.

Horse Showing - Show-Ring Turnout
A well-groomed and smartly turned out horse just might give you that extra edge in the show-ring.

Tail Extensions for Western Show Horses
Everything you need to know about supplemental hair for the show ring.

Horsemanship How-to: Help Your Horse Hold the Canter
Help your horse stay in the canter with these tips.

Horse Training - Charging Up the Lazy Horse
Top trainer Buddy Fisher offers ways to get your lazy horse to change his meandering ways.

Horse Training - Longeing Safely
Tips for holding the line.

Horse Training - Is Your Yearling a Longeline Candidate?
Tips to ready your young horse for a show.

Video: AQHA Western Pleasure Judging
What makes a correct walk, jog and lope for a western pleasure horse?

Are Spurs for You?
Before you strap on a pair of spurs, consider what these experts have to say about them.

Western Pleasure - Can't Relax at the Lope
Trouble slowing your horse at the lope? Try this conditioning program.

Western Horse Training - Cowboy Mounted Shooting
Get fired up to enjoy Cowboy Mounted Shooting, a fast-paced sport combining gymkhana and Old West marksmanship.

My Horse Bends to the Outside
A trainer offers advice on teaching a western pleasure horse to go straight.

Neck Reining Dos and Don'ts
Winning coach Carla Wennberg offers tips to improve your neck reining skills.

Western Horse Training - Placing in Western Pleasure
Veteran competitor, trainer and coach Cleve Wells fills us in on the secrets of western pleasure success.

Western Horse Training - Western Pleasure Headset
To succeed in western pleasure, it's best to start with a horse that's conformationally suitable for this discipline.

Western Horse Training - Riding the Pivot
World-class trainer Charlie Cole shares his method for teaching your horse to pivot perfectly, whether you're in the ring or out on the trail.

Horsemanship How-to: Sit the Jog Better
Here's how to get a smooth ride on your western pleasure horse.

Western Horse Training - Graduating Your Western Horse From Snaffle to Curb Bit
The key to a smooth and successful transition to the curb bit is to have your horse supple and responsive to the snaffle bit first.

Western Horse Training - Walk-to-Lope Transitions
Learn champion Karen Qualls' system for a graceful walk-to-lope departure.

Western Horse Training - Bodybuilding for the Western Horse
Use bending and suppling exercises borrowed from dressage to improve your western horse.

Western Horse Training - Extend the Jog and Collect Benefits
Work your western horse at the extended jog to enhance slower gaits.

Western Horse Training - Western Pleasure Perception
After 25 years of criticism, western pleasure is ready for a brand new image.

Western Horse Training - Western Perception
After 25 years of criticism, western pleasure is ready for a brand new image.

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