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Guide to the Slow Jog
Learn what sets a spectacular jogger apart from the rest of the pack.

How to Band a Western Horse's Mane
Outshine the competition in the western show arena by following these simple steps.

Fixing the One-Way Horse
My horse is stiff and unresponsive on one side. What should I do?

Question of the Week: Head Tossing
Why does my horse toss his head?

Ask the Expert: Smoothing out the Lope
My horse's lope is rough and very hard to sit. How can I fix this?

Horse Grooming - Coat Color Enhancers
Have you noticed the wide array of spray-on color enhancers for horses that are available at major tack stores?

Horsemanship How-to: Line up Like a Winner
Keep your winning ride going until the end of the class with these tips for mastering the line up.

Selecting a Hat for the Western Show Pen
Find the perfect hat with expert advice on shape, size and style.

Horse Showing - Show-Ring Turnout
A well-groomed and smartly turned out horse just might give you that extra edge in the show-ring.

Tail Extensions for Western Show Horses
Everything you need to know about supplemental hair for the show ring.

Horsemanship How-to: Help Your Horse Hold the Canter
Help your horse stay in the canter with these tips.

Horse Training - Charging Up the Lazy Horse
Top trainer Buddy Fisher offers ways to get your lazy horse to change his meandering ways.

Horse Training - Longeing Safely
Tips for holding the line.

Horse Training - Is Your Yearling a Longeline Candidate?
Tips to ready your young horse for a show.

10 Ways to Improve Your Western Riding
Exercises and techniques to be a better rider for your western horse.

Video: AQHA Western Pleasure Judging
What makes a correct walk, jog and lope for a western pleasure horse?

Are Spurs for You?
Before you strap on a pair of spurs, consider what these experts have to say about them.

Western Pleasure - Can't Relax at the Lope
Trouble slowing your horse at the lope? Try this conditioning program.

Western Horse Training - Cowboy Mounted Shooting
Get fired up to enjoy Cowboy Mounted Shooting, a fast-paced sport combining gymkhana and Old West marksmanship.

Lengthening Your Horse’s Gaits
Allow your horse to use his full range of motion for better training and conditioning. Here's how.

My Horse Bends to the Outside
A trainer offers advice on teaching a western pleasure horse to go straight.

Neck Reining Dos and Don'ts
Winning coach Carla Wennberg offers tips to improve your neck reining skills.

Western Horse Training - Placing in Western Pleasure
Veteran competitor, trainer and coach Cleve Wells fills us in on the secrets of western pleasure success.

Western Horse Training - Western Pleasure Headset
To succeed in western pleasure, it's best to start with a horse that's conformationally suitable for this discipline.

Western Horse Training - Riding the Pivot
World-class trainer Charlie Cole shares his method for teaching your horse to pivot perfectly, whether you're in the ring or out on the trail.

Horsemanship How-to: Sit the Jog Better
Here's how to get a smooth ride on your western pleasure horse.

Slowing the Lope
Develop your western pleasure horse's lope without losing the three-beat gait.

Western Horse Training - Graduating Your Western Horse From Snaffle to Curb Bit
The key to a smooth and successful transition to the curb bit is to have your horse supple and responsive to the snaffle bit first.

Western Horse Training - Walk-to-Lope Transitions
Learn champion Karen Qualls' system for a graceful walk-to-lope departure.

Western Horse Training - Bodybuilding for the Western Horse
Use bending and suppling exercises borrowed from dressage to improve your western horse.

Western Horse Training - Extend the Jog and Collect Benefits
Work your western horse at the extended jog to enhance slower gaits.

Western Horse Training - Western Pleasure Perception
After 25 years of criticism, western pleasure is ready for a brand new image.

Western Horse Training - Western Perception
After 25 years of criticism, western pleasure is ready for a brand new image.

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